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Hortau Announces New Flow Rate Monitoring Capability

Hortau Announces New Flow Rate Monitoring Capability

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA - Hortau, Inc. has added a new capability to its repertoire with a focus on helping growers comply with the water usage and regulations.

According to a press release, the irrigation system and tech company now offers a flow rate monitoring capability for water. This allows growers to document data via a cellular network, have insight into the performance of their pumps and/or wells, and set alarms and notifications in relation to their system’s flow rate.

With the current drought taking place in California, and the tight water regulations the growers in the state will soon be expected to comply with, there is no such thing as too much knowledge when it comes to water flow and use.

As we previously reported, Hortau has a soil tension monitoring system that allows you to see how hard crops are working for their water. This helps growers both cut back on water use in the cases of over-watering, and improve plant viability for those that are working to hard to glean moisture from the soil.

“Hortau provides the most comprehensive and technically advanced real-time irrigation management platform on the market,” the company stated in a press release. It does so via both proprietary cloud-based data management and analysis software and real time flow meter readings.

Recently, the company was praised by Forbes Magazine’s Aaron Tilley as a tool to help combat the drought, and also partnered with Advantage Capital Agribusiness Partners, LP, who stated that the company provides growers with a tremendous value proposition in terms of both crop yield improvements and water conservation.

With a drought that continues to break numerous heat records, this could be a good avenue of technology to keep top of mind.

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