Houweling's Sweetoms Draw Consumers This Holiday Season

Houweling's Sweetoms Draw Consumers This Holiday Season

CAMARILLO, CA - With healthy options trending this holiday season, and consumers increasingly drawn to fruit- and veggie-filled diets, Houweling’s Signature Selection Sweetoms Premium Grape Tomatoes are a perfect way to add color and sweetness to holiday offerings.

Retailers looking to appeal to health-conscious consumers should take note of the company’s attractive 1 dry pint clamshells.

Lindsay Martinez, Brand Manager, Houweling's Tomatoes“We’ve had tremendous positive response from consumers about our Sweetoms, who rave about the sweet flavor and quality our locally-grown products provide,” said Brand Manager Lindsay Martinez. “The standard-size, 1 dry pint Diamond Clamshell with black and gold label really stands out on the shelf, creating opportunity for impulse purchases that lead to repeat purchases.”

Lindsay emphasized the importance of local growing and traceability to increasingly-conscientious consumers: “We identify on pack where the product is grown with our “CA Grown,” “Utah Grown,” or “BC Grown” license plate to focus on the locally grown advantage because it is important for consumers to know where their food comes from.”

Additionally, Houweling’s offers point of sale material focusing on local growing and in-store sampling opportunities to draw consumers looking for holiday snacks or easy on-the-go options during the busy season.

“Bright red Sweetoms work with many holiday-themed dishes. During this busy time of year, our BLT Skewers are as easy as assembling a piece of thick cooked bacon with one Sweetom and a leaf of baby lettuce for simple, delicious appetizer,” added Martinez. “Our Signature Selection pack declares the specific seed variety, Sweetelle, which ensures consumers who seek our Sweetoms that they will consistently enjoy the same premium eating experience time and again.”

In addition to 1 dry pint clamshells, Sweetoms are available in 2 lb. clamshells and top seal bowls. Houweling’s greenhouse farms are located in California, Utah, and British Columbia, and the company’s tomatoes are available year-round.

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