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An Inside Look at Bee Sweet's Packing and Shipping Operations for its Summer Import Program

FOWLER, CA - Bee Sweet Citrus is continuing to ramp up its summer import program at its Fowler, California facility. Mandarins, Lemons, and Navels are imported all summer long from Chile, Peru, and Australia starting in July and finishing through October. Over the last fifteen years, the company has grown to become the largest importer of Chilean citrus on the West Coast.

Every product is handled by hand as it’s brought into the facility with regards to repack, restyle, or reconfigurations. Bee Sweet has the ability and versatility to pack any style that the consumer wishes to use. The company’s strong partnership with its growers in South America and expeditors in Southern California allows fresh citrus to arrive at their facility in 25 days or less. Bee Sweet recognizes the importance of timely arrivals and keeping quality at optimal levels by examining every box before it ships out.

Bee Sweet is passionately committed to its import program and supplying fresh citrus year round to its customers. Navel oranges, lemons and mandarins 12 months out of the year!  No other shipper in the country carries all three commodities year round like Bee Sweet.  As volume continues to increase, Bee Sweet encourages its customers to provide their continued support to the company and to offer a growing effort to expand the program to greater levels of service. With its seamless ordering process, the company can help give your customers access to citrus items whenever they need it. Bee Sweet can carry you through the summer time.

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