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Ippolito International’s Ty Schurman Discusses Tight Broccoli Market

Ippolito International’s Ty Schurman Discusses Tight Broccoli Market

SALINAS, CA - Consumers see the benefit of a diet rich with veggies, and suppliers are all too happy to comply with these wishes. One such vegetable that continues to headline shopper baskets is none other than broccoli—indeed a favorite of this trade news writer. To learn more about the state of this exemplary vegetable’s market, I turned to Ty Schurman, Ippolito International’s Broccoli Commodity Manager.

Ty Schurman, Broccoli Commodity Manager, Ippolito International“The broccoli market has been on the tighter side from Thanksgiving until now,” he explained to me. “The volumes have been even tighter from cold weather in the desert and Mexico growing regions, and is projected to continue this way for the next week with better volumes for the next two to three weeks from warmer weather. As far as promotional volumes, they are available in the mid-teens on crowns.”

This pricing, as Ty continued to illuminate, shows a larger price spread than normal between broccoli bunches and broccoli crowns.

“The crown packs are short in supply, and therefore, priced higher. Their dome size is smaller, which means that less is available for harvesting. As far as the comparison to last year, my expectations are being kept in check. We are in uncharted territories with COVID-related problems and shutdowns. Unpredictable markets between the foodservice and retail sectors will mean packers and customers have to be ready to pivot—and on short notice,” Ty remarked. “On the positive side, the holidays are behind us, and that could add some stability. And in different parts of the country, foodservice might get the greenlight—which could mean a huge rebound. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this happens sooner than later!”

Ippolito International is seeing a larger price spread than normal between broccoli bunches and broccoli crowns

In the midst of its winter season in Yuma, the cold weather has slowed the growth of some buds, resulting in the smaller domes, Ty mentioned. Good quality is still being maintained.

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