Katie Dozier Provides Updates on Ippolito International's Brussels Sprouts Production

Katie Dozier Provides Updates on Ippolito International's Brussels Sprouts Production

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SALINAS, CA - The domestic season may have come to an end in Salinas, California, but Ippolito International is continuing to liven up the dinner table here in the United States with harvests from Mexico. Katie Dozier, the grower’s Brussels Sprouts Commodity Manager, took a beat with me to provide a much-anticipated update.

Katie Dozier, Brussels Sprouts Commodity Manager, Ippolito International“Our domestic production has ended here in Salinas, and we will continue to be utilizing 100 percent of our Mexico production for the next 2–3 months,” Katie says. “We should then be seeing the Oxnard, California, crop ready to harvest in mid-May, just in time for spring promotions.”

Quality for Ippolito’s Mexican sprouts has been great, showcasing ideal characteristics shoppers are always looking for. The team is finding firm heads, even green coloring, and good sizing across the board, making for a stellar harvest on market shelves.

“There are minimal quality issues as we continue to go through the season, and the crops are expected to remain in good condition for the foreseeable future,” continues Katie. “Our production output has remained strong in both the conventional and organic segments, and good yields and quality have made for an influx of product in the marketplace.”

Ippolito International will be utilizing 100 percent of its Mexican Brussels sprouts production for the next 2–3 months before it begins domestic harvest in mid-May for spring promotions

Brussels sprouts pricing has reflected this influx of supplies, and trading is much lower than this time last year. Katie also notes demand has been stagnant since the New Year with a few surges of new orders coming in. But, with spring knocking on our doors, shoppers will soon be slicing, dicing, and grilling these beautiful sprouts.

“We hope to see some turnaround come March/April when we start getting into springtime warmer weather,” Katie says. “Spring is a great time to embrace fresh and nutritious products, and we’re excited to continue to bring quality product and unique recipes to liven up shopper demand.”

Sunshine days are just around the corner, and these sprouts will be a ray of light in the produce aisle. Stick around with ANUK as we bring you more updates from the field.

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