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Kingdom Fresh Touts Mexican Harvest

Kingdom Fresh Touts Mexican Harvest

DONNA, TX - As I look back on the hubbub surrounding Thanksgiving, my mind instantly turns to the new year and the excitement to come. Before we know it, 2021 will be at our doorsteps, bringing along with it new opportunities. For Kingdom Fresh, that door is opening up a little wider as its programs in Puebla, Torreón, and Culiacán, Mexico, are coming to a head.

Jaime García, General Manager, Kingdom Fresh“So far, we’re seeing phenomenal pulls in our green bell peppers and eggplant productions. We have high yields coming from our Puebla farm, and quality has been pretty steady,” Jaime García, General Manager, tells me. “Our yellow squash, cucumber, and zucchini programs from our Torreón location are also looking great as well.”

Known for its tomato program, Kingdom Fresh is pushing its doors open for more opportunities. With the addition of new items to its ever-growing portfolio, the grower has its eyes set on becoming a one-stop shop for retailers, complementing its year-round tomato category with dry veg items.

Several of Kingdom Fresh’s vegetable programs in Puebla, Torreón, and Culiacán, Mexico are coming to a head

“We have a good foundation to work with. Right now, we are building on those strong bones by selling more items in the same program for retailers,” Jaime explains to me. “We want Kingdom Fresh to grow by adding in new and different items so we can have a wider window of products to meet all of our customers’ needs.”

To prepare for the next holiday rush, the grower has already started harvesting its eggplants, bell peppers, and zucchinis in Culiacán, with grape tomatoes soon to follow. Demand has been great for cucumbers—selling in 36 packs and bushels—and there is also extra demand for squash and zucchini this season.

With the addition of new items to its ever-growing portfolio, Kingdom Fresh has its eyes set on becoming a one-stop shop for retailers

With Thanksgiving come and gone, Kingdom Fresh saw a good tomato market for the past month. And as Christmas rounds the corner, the market, as Jaime puts it, could go up again around mid-December.

Opportunity is knocking, and fresh produce is at the door! Retailers, stock up now while you can on the freshest produce and industry insights as ANUK brings you the latest.

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