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Legend Produce Transitions to California Melon Production

Legend Produce Transitions to California Melon Production

SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY, CA - Legend Produce is transitioning production to the Westside, all while continuing to harvest in the Arizona desert through the second week of July. This transition is unique for Legend Produce, because this means the company will be shipping from both Arizona and California simultaneously for the next few weeks.

“This, by far, is one of the best crops we have seen out of California,” says Barry Zwillinger of Legend Produce.

“We are very fortunate in regards to the soil quality and great weather this year.” Since the domestic season began in May, harvesting has remained fast and furious to keep up with production, Barry continues. 

The San Joaquin Valley will be no different, with California's warm weather allowing Legend Produce to launch into early harvesting. In this growing region, the company's fruit continues to be strong, aromatic, and produce what it refers to as an unmatched eating profile.

The Origami, Legend’s exclusive seed variety, is experiencing its highest demand since trials began six years ago. The company believes that as consumers begin to understand quality cantaloupes are available for great prices, they will want more. 

Trends continue to reveal that customers want their eating experience to be a priority over price. While Legend continues to grow what it believes to be best tasting cantaloupe, customers are continuing to learn about what growers are capable of producing. They are demanding better quality from retailers through where they spend their money.

“I am excited that we can continue to produce quality melons that provide customers the eating experience they want and deserve,” Barry added. 

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