LGS Specialty Sales Introduces New Darling Clementines® and Suavo Avocado® Branding

LGS Specialty Sales Introduces New Darling Clementines® and Suavo Avocado® Branding

NEW ROCHELLE, NY – With new packaging designs currently underway, LGS Specialty Sales has announced newly revamped Darling Clementines® and Suavo Avocado® product branding. The importer and distributor of citrus and avocado expects the new branding to hit stores in late November of this year.

Luke Sears, President and Founder, LGS Specialty Sales“Darling Clementines and Suavo Avocado have been around for 26 and 14 years respectively, and while our commitment to quality, packaging, service, and food safety have been the driving force behind our long-time success in these categories, we knew there was value in enhancing our positioning to the consumer—not just for us, but for our retail partners as well,” said Luke Sears, President and Founder, in a company press release. “The clementine and avocado categories are experiencing unprecedented sales growth, and we are committed to playing an active role in the development and health of both categories in every aspect of our business, including marketing.”

According to the company’s press release, LGS began its rebranding project late last year after taking an extensive look at consumer trends and competitive branding in both categories in order to define a unique position and ensure relevance with today’s citrus and avocado shoppers. Over a period of eight months, LGS refined the new look and feel of both brands as well as key messaging and brand guidelines.

New Darling Clementines® and Suavo Avocado® Branding

“Our end goal is to create brand relevance and trust with both our Darling Clementines and Suavo Avocado product lines,” Sears added. “We owe it to our retail partners and consumers to do our part in communicating our commitment to quality and consistency, and we believe that evolving our brand presentation is just one of the ways that we can do that.”

While the vintage aesthetic of Darling Clementines, one of the first Clementine brands to enter the U.S. market in 1991, is well known, LGS noted that the decision to move toward a more contemporary brand styling was spurred by the desire for the brand to connect with today’s more savvy and informed shopper.

Former branding for Darling Clementines® and Suavo Avocado®

Likewise, the Suavo Avocado brand, first introduced in 2003 to meet growing demand in the U.S. avocado market, will be swapped out for a new branding that portrays a fun and youthful aesthetic designed to set the product apart on store shelves. With excellent product marketing over the last 10 years, LGS noted, avocados have evolved from a specialty, ethnic item to a more mainstream fruit known for its healthy and flavorful contributions to an array of food applications.

The new branding is expected to soon hit the LGS website, its social media platforms, and packaging in-store, to ensure uniform presentation through consumer touchpoints.

Attendees at the PMA Fresh Summit, October 19-21, can visit with LGS at booth #2101.

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