Lipman Family Farms' Elyse Lipman Discusses Women's History Month

Lipman Family Farms' Elyse Lipman Discusses Women's History Month

IMMOKALEE, FL - March is Women’s History Month, and as you know, our all-female writing team will surely be celebrating. It’s an opportunity to give even more recognition to the wonderful women who elevate the fresh produce industry every day. One such woman is Elyse Lipman, Chief Executive Officer of Lipman Family Farms.

Elyse Lipman, Chief Executive Officer, Lipman Family Farms

“Women's History Month is an excellent opportunity to shine a spotlight on the achievements of women in agriculture,” she began telling me in a recent interview. “As a fourth-generation family member of Lipman Family Farms, my journey has been shaped by the values instilled by our multiple generations of family members and employees, and their commitment to creating a workplace that values diversity. I grew with the stories of my great-grandfather Max’s ambitions, but also those of my great-grandmother Ella—the first ‘investor’ in Lipman. Ella managed the family’s finances, saving pennies and who shared with Max the dream of pursuing starting their own business. It's crucial to have a supportive environment that recognizes and nurtures the talents of everyone’s contribution.”

As Elyse noted, “There have always been women positively impacting the industry, but there’s a notable shift with now more women assuming leadership roles and contributing to innovation.”

Elyse Lipman grew up with the stories of her great-grandfather Max’s ambitions, but also those of her great-grandmother Ella—the first ‘investor’ in Lipman Family Farms

She added that creating opportunities for women to thrive and fostering an environment that values their skills and perspectives is essential. Women have always been a huge part of ag, and it’s great to see more of their stories being highlighted as the industry evolves.

“At Lipman, we have an ongoing ‘Women of Lipman’ group,” she said. “We look to organize events, webinars, and mentorship programs to showcase women's accomplishments, share experiences, and inspire the next generation. Creating spaces for dialogue and recognition is crucial, fostering an environment where women's achievements are acknowledged and celebrated.”

The Women of Lipman program is a testament to the company’s commitment to this foundational pillar of supporting and advancing women. It goes beyond external events and conferences, focusing on creating a supportive workplace culture where women can thrive, develop leadership skills, and contribute significantly to Lipman Family Farms' continued success.

As Chief Executive Officer of Lipman, Elyse has certainly earned her stripes. Everyone in the industry could learn a thing or two from this industry stalwart, and they certainly will at a couple of upcoming events.

Women’s History Month is an opportunity to give even more recognition to the wonderful women who elevate the fresh produce industry every day

“I'm honored to be a featured speaker at the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association's Women’s Day event this month. This event, held on International Women’s Day, will be a gathering dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women in the Florida agriculture and produce industry,” Elyse explained. “I'll also participate in a panel at the International Fresh Produce Association’s Women's Fresh Perspectives Conference in April. This conference provides a platform for industry leaders to share insights, discuss challenges, and explore opportunities for women in the dynamic world of fresh produce.”

We could go on and on about the contributions women have made to this industry, and we certainly plan to as this celebratory month gets underway. Stick with ANUK for more Women’s History Month coverage.

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