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Lone Star Citrus Growers Brings Texas-Grown Grapefruit to Viva Fresh Produce Expo

Lone Star Citrus Growers Brings Texas-Grown Grapefruit to Viva Fresh Produce Expo

MISSION, TX - As you may be able to tell from the name, Lone Star Citrus Growers is Texas, through and through. So, as you can imagine, the upcoming Viva Fresh Produce Expo is one of the company’s most highly anticipated shows of the year. As the company reaches its 10th anniversary, Lone Star will be arriving at this year’s show in style, bringing along its much-sought-after, Texas-grown grapefruit.

Trent Bishop, Vice President of Sales, Lonestar Citrus

“We love sharing the Texas citrus story!” Trent Bishop, the company’s Vice President of Sales, tells me as we discuss what makes Viva Fresh a must-attend for the company. “Aside from the outstanding opportunity to introduce our company to prospective customers, it allows us the chance to visit with many of our current customers and industry friends. Having been a part of Viva Fresh since the inception of the idea, we are extremely proud to be a small part of what is quickly becoming one of best shows of the year.”

And there is definitely a reason so many consumers look towards Texas for their citrus. Texas is home to the super red, super sweet Winter Sweetz label and the Rio Star® grapefruit variety, helped made sweet by the state’s optimal soil and climate. These, as well as the company’s Texas-grown oranges, are all tree-ripened, literally stored on the tree until hitting the peak of flavor. This distinction is part of why all of Lone Star’s offerings are a must-see for buyers attending the Viva Fresh show.

“If a retailer is not already doing business with us, we would like to offer retailers a credible, competent, and qualified option when it comes to sourcing Texas grapefruit and oranges,” Trent explains. “It would be our goal to add value to every citrus category we are fortunate enough to partner with.”

Now wrapping up its tenth ever citrus season, Lone Star is looking back towards the retail partners that have helped the company reach the success it enjoys today. Trent tells me the company has grown its business every single one of those ten years.

“As we wrap up our tenth season, I would just like to thank everyone who have helped us turn our dream into reality,” he says. “Without the trust and support of our customers, vendors, and dedicated team of employees, we could never have accomplished all that we have over the last ten years. We are so appreciative of everyone who believed in us and gave us a chance to prove we are capable of what we promised from the beginning. We humbly look forward to the future with the promise of never taking our eye off the goal of adding value to the Texas citrus category.”

Will you be at Viva Fresh Produce Expo from April 20th to the 22nd? Stop by Lone Star Citrus Growers, booth 510 to see all this company has to offer.

Lone Star Citrus Growers


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