A Look Inside KORU® New Zealand

A Look Inside KORU® New Zealand

HAWKES BAY, NZ - What do you know about KORU® apples? If the answer is not much, we have just the man for you. Meet Tony Gilbertson, the Owner of Gilbertson Orchard and one of Hawkes Bay New Zealand’s KORU growers.

Tony Gilbertson, Owner, Gilbertson Orchard“I am very proud, along with other growers of Hawkes Bay and New Zealand, to be able to produce this wonderful apple in the consistency that we can to the United States consumer,” Tony shares in a short video.

For Gilbertson Orchard and all KORU growers, quality is of the utmost importance. Tony uses the aid of a company named Fruition, which test the apples in all of the KORU orchards in Hawkes Bay for flesh firmness, brix, and starch. This process takes place before the expected harvest date, when the valuable information goes back to each grower.

KORU® Apples

Then comes the packing process, where each apples in transported to cold storage, packed, and sorted for and defects. “Immediately after it comes off the end of the line, it is palletized in its boxes or trays and it goes back into the cold store to keep the cold chain intact, Tony adds. “So that apple is kept fresh and in the best condition for the consumer: because that’s what its all about.”

To see this process for yourself, and to hear Tony reveal more behind-the-scenes details about the KORU process, watch the full video above.

KORU® Apple

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KORU® is a great tasting new apple variety, discovered in New Zealand!