Meet Sakata’s Western Pepper Program

MORGAN HILL, CA – Kimberly Nerli, Sakata Seed America’s West Coast Product Development Manager, joins AndNowUKnow for this exclusive look at the company’s research station in Woodland, California and the company’s western U.S. open field peppers. At the station, Sakata has a pepper-breeding program specifically for this market that focuses on quality, habit, yield and disease resistance dealing with Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus. 

The company’s next generation Classic variety of pepper, which will be coming soon, has a resistance to the virus. It will be in trials in the next year or two.  Another pepper variety the company is focusing on is Double Up.  Kimberly says that it is a popular variety that is very consistent.  It will turn red, so it gives growers the opportunity to harvest at either color.  With an eye on the future, Sakata is always looking to innovate and is open to suggestions from industry leaders.

Sakata Seed America

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