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Melissa's 2018 PMA Fresh Summit Picks

Melissa's 2018 PMA Fresh Summit Picks

ORLANDO, FL - One of my favorite aspects of 2018’s PMA Fresh Summit was the categories of this year’s Fresh Ideas Showcase, which I’m guessing made it easy for buyers that were looking to fulfill specific needs in their stores. As for me, I couldn’t get enough of all the latest our industry has conceived. Here are a few of many products that had me eager to hit the grocery store upon my return.

Mann Packing Breakfast Nourish Bowls®

For many in my professional and social circles, breakfast is a perk of the weekend. We all love it, but we rarely make time for it. So this particular introduction to the already award-winning Nourish Bowls® line seemed a brilliant move for convenience-seeking shoppers looking to take back breakfast time...while still not waking up until we absolutely must.

SUNSET® Shazam!™ Shishito Peppers

I’m a sucker for peppers, so what a time it is for me and millennials like me to be alive! Shishitos are one part of what is taking the pepper category to a new level, and I have been waiting to see these since the Mastronardi Company initially teased their existence earlier this year. After all, “shazam” is one word that might come to mind when consumers find that stray shishito with a bit more kick than its siblings!

Earthbound Farms - Organic Blends

A healthy way to rosé all day? You bet I had to see this. With its Rosé Blend, Mighty Spinach Blend, and Red Baby Butter Blend, Earthbound Farms’ latest organic additions might not get you tipsy, but it will give you the nutrients you need to brunch hard—and the flavor, versatility, texture, and color to elevate any dish.

Sarah Frey's Homegrown Agua Fresca Line

I’m all too familiar with Frey Farms' Tsama Lama and the juice he represents, so I came to a halt when I saw that Sarah Frey had a new watermelon beverage. Clean, refreshing, and simple, the line she says was inspired from summers growing up on the farm will transport consumers there as well. Needless to say, I’m hoping this, too, makes an appearance in the coolers for Frey Farms’ annual participation in Tour de Fresh.

Freska Produce Dried Organic Mangos

No more does “fruit snack” just mean that it resembles the shape of the foods we love. 100 percent mango, and even organic, this retains what adults and children both love most of one of the world's most popular fruits. This offers a great produce-powered alternative to any gummies or candy bags we might otherwise be tempted to grab.

It's hard to believe that we have wrapped up another PMA season, but these products are among those to help chase the candy fever that might be spreading this week. Can't wait to see what new heights our industry raises the bar to before we make our way to Anaheim, California, next year!

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