Michael DuPuis Dives Into Divine Flavor’s Latest Product Hero Campaign

Michael DuPuis Dives Into Divine Flavor’s Latest Product Hero Campaign

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NOGALES, AZ - It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…bell pepper! You read that right, folks, the next hero we all will soon be respecting is already on our plates. We all know that fresh produce is good for the heart, both physically and metaphorically, but consumers will soon become more aware of just how much good it really does thanks to Divine Flavor’s newest campaign: Product Hero.

Michael DuPuis, Public Relations Manager, Divine Flavor“We’re excited to launch Divine Flavor Product Hero campaign in Orlando, Florida, at the International Fresh Produce Association’s (IFPA) Global Produce & Floral Show,” Michael DuPuis, Public Relations Manager, explains to me. “We work in a very competitive and unique industry where, as a produce brand and supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s our duty and responsibility to come up with unique and fun ways of marketing our product. We felt that one of the things that we wanted to communicate with our clients and consumers is the health benefits of our commodities, and what’s more fun than superheroes?”

Divine Flavor’s personification of its portfolio is easy to accept, as the products themselves are already super! With bell peppers and mini bell peppers coming in for the grower this season, Divine Flavor has put this category first in its lineup to take the hero spotlight.

Divine Flavor is introducing its newest campaign, Product Hero, at this year’s Global Produce & Floral Show to highlight the strength and power fresh produce has

“Bell peppers have an incredible amount of vitamin C with a plethora of health benefits and nutritional facts that we wanted to educate shoppers about. They support a strong immune system and promote a healthy heart, key ideals consumers look for as we approach cold and flu season,” continues Michael. “Bells and mini peppers are two of Divine Flavor’s staple products. We are currently harvesting them from Central Mexico, so we felt like now is a great time to kick this campaign into gear.”

With intentions to give a superhero persona to the rest of its portfolio, Michael says the grower will be moving along its lineup of commodities with the seasons, hitting its West Mexico production toward the end of the year. As these champions enter the stage, the grower is helping shoppers ease into this new heroic universe with interactive packaging.

“One way we will be marketing our campaign will be by including QR codes on the packaging alongside the produce heroes where consumers can learn more about the product and its powers. Having these product heroes on the package can be a good way to identify and associate these products with the heroes that they are,” Michael says. “We’re also launching a heavy social media campaign as well through Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, so that will be another fun way to reach our followers and shoppers.”

With bell peppers and mini peppers coming into season for the grower, this category is the first in line to get a superhero makeover

Fresh produce certainly does contain a lot of superpowers that keep our world go round, but that’s not to go without giving a well-deserved shoutout to the buyers and retailers keeping shelves stocked and shoppers informed.

“The campaign highlights fresh produce as heroes, but it is also a shoutout to our buyers and our retail partners, the real heroes,” Michael notes. “They help us better market the product that we provide while also making them stand out on the shelf. What they do is truly amazing work.”

If you’re curious to see the new campaign in person at IFPA, be sure to stop by booth #1451, and keep a tab open as ANUK reports on the latest campaigns and heroic efforts our industry provides.

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