Misionero's Nicole Minnich-Zapata Highlights Strong Green Bean and Brussels Sprouts Marketing and Opportunities

Misionero's Nicole Minnich-Zapata Highlights Strong Green Bean and Brussels Sprouts Marketing and Opportunities

GONZALES, CA - I, for one, cannot cruise into the holidays without my refrigerator’s fresh produce drawer fully loaded with green beans and Brussels sprouts. For consumers across North America, I believe this sentiment is quite the same. With category demand on the rise as we move toward Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the celebrations in between, I touched base with Nicole Minnich-Zapata, Marketing Director at Misionero, to discuss an update on the season and what the trade can look forward to as we move through the fall.

Nicole Minnich-Zapata, Marketing Director, Misionero“We are currently hitting peak quality and supply for green beans and Brussels sprouts, which is the optimal timing for fall recipes and holidays,” Nicole shares with me. “Retailers are interested in Misionero’s year-round availability and programs as we create a promotion schedule that plays to our strengths and theirs. Our quality and fill rates are the pillars of our programs, especially this time of year when filling orders is critical.”

According to Nicole, both the green bean and Brussels sprouts markets are strong at this time, and demand is high as the team prepares for the continuous upswing going into the holiday season. Currently, green beans are grown and packed in Baja and mainland Mexico and Brussels sprouts are grown in the Central Coast of California and Mexico as well.

With green bean and Brussels sprout demand hitting a high due to the upcoming holidays, Misionerio has announced that it is experiencing peak demand and supply

“On-the-stalk Brussels sprouts add appeal to fall displays,” Nicole says. “Retailers can also display Brussels sprouts with other cooking vegetables to inspire recipes for the holidays, and then during the New Year to attract health-conscious consumers. Green beans are such a versatile vegetable that they can be cross-merchandised with so many other items throughout the holidays as well.”

As Nicole reflects, Misionero, like many others, has been growing between extreme heat waves and frost, but the team has strong quality control measures in place to mitigate the impacts.

Misionero believes that now is a perfect time for retailers to display Brussels sprouts along with other cooking vegetables to inspire shoppers to incorporate them into their holiday recipes

“Our grower base, fill rates, and customer service separate us from our competitors,” she says. “Our customers get their orders filled in full at the time of the year when they need it the most. In addition, through our Green Wave Farms operation, we can specialize in both organic and conventional value-added produce. We deliver farm-to-table, year-round, freshness guaranteed.”

With opportunities brimming for holiday promotions, Misionero’s green beans and Brussels sprouts programs are sure to be a crowd pleaser!


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