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Nash Produce's Rebecca Scott Details the Supplier's Top-Notch Retail Programs

Nash Produce's Rebecca Scott Details the Supplier's Top-Notch Retail Programs

NASHVILLE, NC - The goodness of sweet potatoes walks side-by-side with the goodness of the industry as a whole, as supply-side companies step up to ensure demand for fresh produce is met during this critical time. Rebecca Scott, Nash Produce’s Grower Accounting and Marketing Director, sat down to share with me how the supplier shines as a retail partner and as a partner to its communities.

Rebecca Scott, Grower Accounting and Marketing Director, Nash Produce“A benefit of working with sweet potatoes is that they are available all year long! With the availability of multiple controlled temperature storage facilities, we have the ability to store the fresh potatoes for up to one year from the time they were harvested, while still maintaining the excellent taste consumers know and love,” Rebecca began. “Here at Nash Produce, we have a team of highly experienced staff members that are seasoned produce veterans. In the agriculture sector, we have to work with and around many forces that are beyond our control such as fluctuating weather patterns, natural disasters, and well, we can now add a viral pandemic to the list. We project toward future growing seasons before crops are even planted and try to account for these unknowns upfront. During difficult times like the present, we make sure our retailer locations continue to have sweet potatoes in stock for their customers.”

With each sweet potato sourced from family farms, most of which are multi-generational, Nash Produce has experience literally growing in its backyard as all growers are located within counties in or adjacent to its facility. This experience assures both retailers and shoppers that the products they’re purchasing are of the highest quality and locally sourced.

Alongside its experienced grower partners, Nash Produce has set itself up as an excellent supplier for top-notch retail programs

And going the extra mile is what Nash Produce is all about, as the company also participates in donation programs to support local communities.

Ensuring sweet potatoes are in stock for its retail partners is just one reason Nash Produce continues to shine as a partner for the buy-side

“You can find Nash Produce sweet potatoes at many food banks, school nutrition programs, and community gatherings around the country,” Rebecca explained to me. “We are committed to keeping our community fed and healthy and are honored to be able to contribute our product, funds, and time. Donations are made to many different locations, both in our local community and beyond, in order to support organizations and associations that play an integral role to the public. We also support research projects with state and federal institutions for both sweet potatoes and cucumbers in order to further the advancement of both crops.”

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