National Mango Board Offers Mango Display Bins to Shippers

National Mango Board Offers Mango Display Bins to Shippers

ORLANDO, FL - Those looking to boost mango sales in stores need look no further. The National Mango Board has announced it is offering 1,000 display bins to U.S. mango shippers on a first come, first serve basis. Shippers are encouraged to act fast and visit to order!

Angela Serna, Communications Manager for National Mango Board"Bins have proven to be an excellent way to inspire consumers to buy mangos at the store. The bins contain mango cutting, ripening, and nutrition education that will help consumers overcome barriers of purchase. Research shows that mangos are an impulse buy for shoppers. Therefore, stores must keep them top of mind for consumers," said Angela Serna, Communications Manager for National Mango Board.

The organization suggested the following merchandising best practices:

  • Educate customers about selection, ripening and cutting by using POS materials from the NMB.

  • Group mangos by variety, size and ripeness level.

  • Keep displays well stocked, but to avoid bruising, do not stack too high.

  • Never stack heavier fruit such as pineapple, papaya or coconuts above mangos.

  • Mangos provide more than 40% of tropical fruit category sales, so maintain high-traffic shelf space year-round where your customers can ALWAYS find mangos.

  • Build secondary mango displays in the produce department or front of store, especially when mango volumes are highest and when mangos are on promotion.

  • Build sales by carrying multiple varieties and sizes of mangos.

The bins feature key messages to boost mango sales, and the program is designed for shippers to provide support to their smaller retailers who don’t receive funding from the National Mango Board. Shippers are required to check the list of funded retail partners on the National Mango Board website and avoid sending bins to retailers that are already funded.

The National Mango Board bin specs are:

  • 24” x 16” footprint

  • 5” deep product tray

  • 36” overall height

  • Holds approximately 8 to 12 boxes of mangos.

The display bins feature colorful, high-quality graphics that grab shoppers’ attention to help pump up mango sales in stores and also provide education on selection, cutting, usage and nutrition.

According to a press release, the bins are made of durable corrugated material with aqueous coating for added strength. Each bin rests on a black plastic bottom tray that protects the display from mops and spills. Five sliding casters make the bins easy to move, even when fully loaded.

The deadline to order the mango display bins is March 3, 2017. There is no cost for these bins, but quantities are limited, so please wait. Visit for the easy online ordering form and program guidelines.

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