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Naturipe Snacks Partners with Chobani to Bring Naturipe Berry Parfaits to Market; Steve Ware Comments

Naturipe Snacks Partners with Chobani to Bring Naturipe Berry Parfaits to Market; Steve Ware Comments

SALINAS, CA - Bringing a new product to market, Naturipe Snacks delivers on the convenience and innovation that shoppers continue to demand. With the introduction of the Naturipe Berry Parfait, the team has crafted both a product and package that stand out on the shelf.

I spoke with Steve Ware, General Manager of Value Added Fresh, to learn more.

Steven Ware, Vice President and General Manager of Value-Added Fresh, Naturipe Farms“We spent a considerable amount of time thoughtfully designing all aspects of the Berry Parfait package to stand out from a standard parfait cup,” he shared with me. “We wanted the fresh blueberries to be front and center, so we utilized clear packaging to ensure consumers could see the fresh berries. We are proud to have partnered with yogurt category leader Chobani and prominently feature the Chobani yogurt in the packaging to attract their loyal followers.”

Alongside this strategic utilization of brand loyalty, Naturipe notes that the packaging features key nutritional information, a feature often missing on other parfait cups.

Crafted to stand out on shelves, Naturipe Snacks has launched a new product in the form of its Naturipe Berry Parfait

“We’ve seen a steady increase in consumer focus on healthy snacking over recent years, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic,” Steve added. “Incorporating healthy and fresh foods into daily diets is an easy way to boost overall health and immunity! As we shift back toward the normalcy of busy lives, we’re seeing a need for convenient and nutritious on-the-go snacks. Consumers are relying more heavily on healthy snacking to meet their dietary and nutritional needs and want easy and healthy options as they return to busy schedules.”

For retailers looking to merchandise these parfaits, Steve shared a few tips.

The new Berry Parfaits were designed for convenience while also meeting increased consumer demand for flavorful, nutritious snack options

“We designed our Berry Parfaits with the versatility to be displayed at multiple levels, but we recommend displaying them stacked at eye level. The base of the parfait cup is wider than standard parfait cups to ensure stability when placed on store shelves,” he noted.

We’ll continue to keep you abreast of the latest news on the product innovation front, so stay tuned.

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