New Leadership Joins the LGMA Advisory Board

New Leadership Joins the LGMA Advisory Board

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SACRAMENTO, CA - This year marks ten years of LGMA members working to establish a culture of food safety for leafy green cultivators. And as the company marks this milestone, it’s also making significant changes to its advisory board and leadership.

According to a press release, on Friday, March 31st, the LGMA Advisory Board held elections for officers to serve throughout 2017 and 2018. The organization added new leaders, including:

  • Steve Church of Church Brothers Farms as Chairman of the Board
  • Dan Sutton of Pismo Oceano Vegetable Exchange as Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Jan Berk of San Miguel Produce as Treasurer

The changes also marked the end of Ron Ratto of Ratto Bros., Inc.’s two-year term as Chairman of the LGMA Advisory Board. Ratto oversaw a dramatic increase in the LGMA’s training and education programs, helped work with the FDA as the new federal food safety rules were finalized, and presided over the organization’s strategic planning efforts.

Outgoing Chairman Ron Ratto of Ratto Bros., Inc. and incoming Chairman Steve Church of Church Brothers Farms

The association also added several new board members, including:

  • Ashley Avilla of Dole Food Company
  • Sharan Lanini of Pacific International Marketing
  • Kristina Nunes of The Nunes Company

New members serving in alternate seats were also selected; alternates include: Tod Faurot of Faurot Ranch, Chato Valdez of Sabor Farms, John Eade of Andrew Smitch Company, and Ralph Treadway of Coastline Family Farms.

The LGMA also acknowledged outgoing members like: Joe Pezzini of Ocean Mist, Jamie Strachan of Growers Express, Jack Vessey of Vessey Farms, Tom Russell of Pacific International Marketing, and Barbara Matthews our Public Member.

The association also acknowledged the outstanding service of Barbara Matthews, who served as the boards public member for years, and mourned the passing of Alternate Board Member Tom Russell of Pacific International Marketing, an industry leader and founding member of the organization.

We here at AndNowUKnow offer congratulations to the incoming board members and acknowledge the service that outgoing board members provided our industry.

For a full list of advisory board members, click here.


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