New York Apple Sales Welcomes Gianna Pennacchia to the Team

New York Apple Sales Welcomes Gianna Pennacchia to the Team

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GLENMOUNT, NY - Happy Monday, everyone! On this bright and sunny week’s beginning, we welcome Gianna Pennacchia to the New York Apple Sales Team. Starting July 23, Pennacchia is diving into the company’s Glenmont, New York, sales efforts alongside John Cushing, Michael Harwood, Kaari Stannard, and Debbie Hulsopple, as the group prepares for this coming apple season.

Kaari Stannard, President, New York Apple Sales, Inc.“We are thrilled to welcome Gianna to our New York Apple Sales team,” Kaari Stannard, President and owner of New York Apple Sales, Inc., remarked in a press release. “She brings a boat load of talent as well as an enormous amount of millennium enthusiasm to the table. Her marketing and her creative training is exactly what we were looking for.”

Gianna Pennacchia joins the New York Apple Sales' sales team

Gianna Pennacchia, Sales, New York Apple Sales, Inc.After earning her bachelor’s degree at the State University of New York, Plattsburg, where she majored in marketing and minored in graphic design, Pennacchia obtained positions in entertainment management, wealth management, and corporate development. Pennacchia also worked for the American Cancer Society in marketing.

John Cushing, VP of Sales, New York Apple Sales, Inc.“Kaari and I are thrilled to have Gianna on board. We have been searching for a while, and when Giana’s resume crossed my desk, I knew we were on the right track; and her subsequent interviews sealed the deal for me,” commented John Cushing, VP of Sales.

Pennacchia is loyal to the Empire State, having grown up in the Albany neighborhood.

Congratulations, Gianna Pennacchia and New York Apple Sales! We wish you luck going into this fall season’s exciting happenings!

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