Oppy's Dean Barbis Shares Insights on California Blueberry Season

Oppy's Dean Barbis Shares Insights on California Blueberry Season

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VISALIA, CA - What do you call a blueberry concert?...Blueberry jam!

Not only are the little blue gems beloved for their endless “dad jokes” but also for their versatility and delicious flavor, which is why consumers seek them out in the produce aisle. Luckily, Oppy has good supplies of the fruit to satisfy their needs, so I got in touch with Dean Barbis, Category Director of Berries, to get an overview of its California season.

Dean Barbis, Category Director of Berries, Oppy“The last few loads of Mexican blueberries are arriving at the end of April/beginning of May,” Dean says. “Meanwhile, we are looking forward to a smooth transition as we will be starting to ship California blues simultaneously—which is a bit earlier than usual.”

Oppy will be distributing its California blueberries under its Ocean Spray-branded line, which is part of an exclusive partnership that also includes citrus and grapes. Since its inception, the collaboration between the two companies has continued to grow every year.

As Oppy's California blueberry season begins, the company will be distributing the berries under its Ocean Spray-branded line

“We have been able to build the Ocean Spray fresh brand very quickly due in part to consumer awareness and trust that crosses from center store into produce,” explains Dean. “Thanks to the strength of the Ocean Spray brand—which enjoys 96 percent brand awareness according to independent research, we can stand out on the shelves—it’s ultimately a winning combination because the retailers reap the benefits, and so do consumers.”

So far this year, Oppy has seen a good crop with excellent sizing, including some larger sizing than last year. Quality has also been great for the category, and volume for conventional blueberries is growing, along with some increased organic production arriving.

This year, Oppy has experienced excellent sizing and great quality and volume across its blueberry offerings

“There have been no weather issues. As of now, it looks quite stable and favorable to bring in good volume going into the California season,” Dean adds.

Overall, based on these factors, Dean tells me that the blueberry market is steady, with stable demand and pricing.

Like myself, I’m sure your consumers are berry excited for Oppy’s Ocean Spray blueberries to hit your shelves, so start stocking up today!


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