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Potandon Produce to Unveil New Light-Blocker Bags

Potandon Produce to Unveil New Light-Blocker Bags

IDAHO FALLS, ID ­– This year’s PMA Fresh Summit is promising to be full of innovation and new product launches, with Potandon Produce delivering its own unveiling of cutting-edge technology with its new Light-Blocker Half-N-Half® potato bags.

Ralph Schwartz, Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Innovation, Potandon Produce

“This is truly a quantum leap for potato packaging. This initiative was undertaken solely to create value for the retail community as it improves shelf life of poly bagged potatoes by blocking the potential greening effects of florescent lighting,” stated Ralph Schwartz, Vice President of Sales.

The company stated in a press release that the Light-Blocker bags have been proven to extend shelf life due to the following benefits: 

  • Blocks 99.5% of all visible and ultraviolet light rays
  • Virtually eliminates product greening
  • Reduces dehydration/weight loss
  • Reduces sprouting incidents 

The innovative bags will be available for the company’s national retail potato brand, Green Giant™. The technology behind the bags was developed at Michigan State University’s School of Packaging which has a reputation for its contributions to protective packaging solutions, shelf-life, product/packaging compatibility, and tamper evidence.

New Light-Blocker Bags

The company stated that the Light-Blocker bags will be launched into the retail sector following PMA Fresh Summit, in the following initial sizes:

  • Green Giant™ yellow potatoes: 3 lb and 5 lb
  • Green Giant™ white potatoes: 5 lb
  • Green Giant™ red potatoes: 3 lb and 5lb
  • Green Giant™ russets, both Idaho and non-Idaho bags: 5 lb and 10 lb
  • Klondike Goldust™: 5 lb 

Potandon Produce stated that as most light exposure to fresh produce comes at the retail level, or in a consumer’s home, these improvements from its new packaging will dramatically increase consumer satisfaction. 

Want to see more of these bags yourself? Stop by Potandon Produce’s booth #801.

Potandon Produce

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