Produce Pro Software's Kristen Santangelo Talks User Group 2017

Produce Pro Software's Kristen Santangelo Talks User Group 2017

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WOODRIDGE, IL – With a keen eye on uplifting fresh produce companies, Produce Pro Software is preparing for another year to step beyond just its software offerings to further empower its users. The company will be hosting User Group 2017 later this week, with plans to provide attendees with innumerable opportunities for growth, connectivity, and education.

Instilled in 2001, the latest installment of this event will span two days on the shores of San Diego, California. As Marketing Manager Kristen Santangelo recently told me, the company is gearing up for its biggest year yet.

Kristen Santangelo, Marketing Manager, Produce Pro Software

“Ultimately, our goal is to provide a forum where we educate the Produce Pro user community on the system, features, new ideas, and our future plans. This allows them to get the most out of their investment,” Kristen says. “When customers return to work they are armed with tips and tricks, ideas, and concepts that can be shared within their organizations.”

Attendees of this year’s event, the company’s tenth at the national level, will be able to network with each other, connecting and sharing knowledge about their system experiences. Members of the User Group will also be able to check out the latest product features, attend sessions led by industry experts, and learn more about the system and best practices for it.

Hotel Palomar San Diego, site of User Group 2017

Kristen elaborates that the benefits don’t stop at the end of the event, but continue rolling even after the User Group attendees have gone home.

“Once the conference ends, we review and evaluate customer feedback,” Kristen says. This helps us continue to improve and enhance the system based on both their changing needs and the needs of the industry.”

Hotel Palomar San Diego, site of User Group 2017

Produce Pro is offering the following topics to those part of its User Group:

  • Produce Pro University: Learn about specific features of the software and how to excel using it
  • The Best of…: Produce Pro’s own version of “Top 10” lists that divulge insider information
  • Innovations and Advancements: Learn about the latest developments in e-commerce, WMS, Analytics, CRM solutions, and mobile apps
  • What’s Next?: Keep up with the latest industry changes and how Produce Pro can help
  • DIY Tech Lab: Learn about and get hands-on experience with the latest solutions and mobile apps
  • Ask a Guru: Facetime with gurus on different product or topic areas

Steve Grinstead, CEO, The Grinstead Group

Produce Pro has also secured Steve Grinstead of The Grinstead Group as its keynote speaker. This industry veteran will be leading the spirit of the event by talking to attendees not only about change, but also change management.

“In the ever-changing world of produce, now more than ever, being able to stay ahead of the curve and having the flexibility to adapt and evolve within the organization is so important,” Kristen says.

The conference will be held at the Kimpton Palomar Hotel in San Diego, California, from April 26-27.

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