Progressive Produce's Keystone Fruit Marketing Announces Availability of Eastern Apples; Lisa Fetterhoff Comments

Progressive Produce's Keystone Fruit Marketing Announces Availability of Eastern Apples; Lisa Fetterhoff Comments

GREENCASTLE, PA - The weather here in the States is starting to cool down, and with the start of autumn comes the consumer search for all things fall flavored, including apples. Luckily, Keystone Fruit Marketing, a division of Progressive Produce, has the quintessential seasonal fruit on hand, providing retailers with increased supplies to ramp up their produce sales.

Lisa Fetterhoff, Director of Operations, Keystone Fruit Marketing"We value our relationships with our customers and growers, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to high standards of integrity and quality when it comes to bringing you the freshest products all year long," said Lisa Fetterhoff, Director of Operations.

This statement has been true since Keystone was established in 1977, getting its start marketing, you know it, Pennsylvania apples, according to a press release. Since then, the company has become known as a reliable fresh produce partner, offering not only apples, but sweet onions, peaches, and watermelon as well.

Keystone encourages its retail partners to promote apples in October and November, creating seasonal promotions around popular fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. The company’s 2021 harvest is currently underway, and Keystone will continue to pick apples from Pennsylvania and Virginia through early November. Already, volume is up from last year's for most varieties, especially Keystone’s Gala, Fuji, and Pink Lady apples.

Keystone Fruit Marketing's 2021 apple harvest is already underway, with the company picking fruit until early November

While challenges have arisen across the entire fresh produce industry and created hurdles, Keystone remains dedicated to ensuring it gets its apples on store shelves.

"Like the rest of the U.S. economy, the apple industry is also facing labor shortages, higher transportation costs, and delays in the supply chain," Fetterhoff added. "At Keystone, we are doing everything we can to assure orders are fulfilled 100 percent, delivered on-time, and reasonably priced, so consumers can enjoy our Eastern Apples all season long!"

Retailers, start thinking about your apple promotions to capture increased fall shopper dollars, and keep Keystone Fruit in mind when you're creating your displays.

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