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Ready Pac Targets Consumers Who Want More Healthy Holiday Options But Are Resistant to Change

Ready Pac Targets Consumers Who Want More Healthy Holiday Options But Are Resistant to Change

IRWINDALE, CA - Consumers may be struggling to secure healthy holiday food despite their wishes this holiday season, according to a recent ORC International Survey conducted for Ready Pac Foods.

According to the study, 81 percent of consumers, more than eight out of ten, wish they made healthier choices during the holiday season, but seven out of ten have no plans to make holiday meals healthier this year. Fortunately, Ready Pac Foods has festive grab and go options sure to appeal to even lukewarm consumers of healthy foods.

Tristan Simpson, CMO, Ready Pac Foods“At Ready Pac Foods, we know it’s important to honor holiday traditions in the kitchen, but we also know that often comes with a lot of over-indulgence, and for some, an overwhelming feeling of guilt,” said Tristan Simpson, CMO of Ready Pac Foods, in a company press release. “We strive to give consumers the freedom to eat healthier without giving up their favorite family recipes. Today, it has never been easier to balance the holidays with healthier sides and smaller meals, such as ready-to-eat salads and single serve snack packs.”

Ready Pac has committed to helping health-conscious consumers bring balance to the season, while helping savvy retailers add dollars to their checkouts. A survey conducted by the company showed that 37 percent of respondents understand they can eat healthier without compromising their festivities by making simple meal substitutions. Ready Pac offers easy to swap solutions for the holidays.

The company suggests switching out instant macaroni and cheese for a quick grab and go Organic Chopped Salad Kit, staying festive and healthy with a Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Bistro Bowl® Salad, and skipping pie and ice cream in favor of Caramel Apple Crisp Ready Snax® a couple times this season.

Additional findings from the company’s research noted:

  • Weight was the number one reason consumer wanted to eat healthier this holiday season (38 percent) with residents of the west coast leading all other regions (44 percent). 
  • Millennials, more than other segment of the population, want to eat healthier: 30 percent of millennials plan to make healthier choices this holiday season—compared to only 19 percent of baby boomers.
  • Men want meat, and women want sides. For men, heavy meats were the one holiday food item they “couldn’t live without” (42 percent of men surveyed). For women, it was indulgent sides (34 percent).

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