Red Sun Farms Announces High-Tech Greenhouse Growth in Canada, USA, and Mexico

Red Sun Farms Announces High-Tech Greenhouse Growth in Canada, USA, and Mexico

KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA - Red Sun Farms is responding to customer demands for locally grown produce with unprecedented levels of investment across Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.

This spring, Red Sun Farms began construction on its first phase (27 acres) of a three-phase project totaling 63.8 acres in Kingsville, Ontario. A second investment for Red Sun Farms in Ontario is underway with an additional 18 acres of high-tech greenhouse farming, which will drastically expand Red Sun Farms' overall portfolio and bring the total acreage for this location to 42 acres.

Jim DiMenna, President, Red Sun Farms“This investment into the Ontario area will allow Red Sun Farms to better serve our consumers in both Canada and the USA,” Jim DiMenna, President of Red Sun Farms, stated.

According to the press release, great things are also happening in Mexico for Red Sun Farms as the company expects construction on a 25-acre expansion to complete this winter and 50 acres next spring to the existing high-tech greenhouse that will cultivate tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.

Carlos Visconti, Chief Executive Officer of USA and Canada Operations, Red Sun Farms“The team is very excited to have these initial 25 acres ready for winter 2020, followed by an additional 50 acres in spring 2021,” commented Carlos Visconti, CEO Red Sun Farms Canada and USA. “This additional acreage will reaffirm Red Sun Farms as the largest vertically integrated high-tech greenhouse in North America.”

The greenhouse provider continues to grow year over year, but the investments made in 2020 are outpacing the growth of previous years.

Red Sun Farms has announced unprecedented levels of investment to its greenhouse operations in Canada, USA, and Mexico

It is no secret that Red Sun Farms continues to consistently break new barriers with its initiatives in sustainable growth. By expanding its distribution center in Dublin, Virginia, the greenhouse grower looks to further reduce its carbon footprint and better serve its customers.

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