RSM to Host Data-Driven Decision Making Webcast; Christian Winzeler Details

RSM to Host Data-Driven Decision Making Webcast; Christian Winzeler Details

CHICAGO, IL -New technology like field sensors, robots, assembly lines, and more benefit our supply chain based on the services they provide; however, there are additional advantages found in the data they generate. To demonstrate, RSM is hosting a live event webinar on July 19. This webcast will feature a panel of experts and will discuss how produce companies can store and leverage this valuable data.

Christian Winzeler, RSM Microsoft Food and Beverage Leader, emphasizes the growing importance of utilizing data to make informed decisions about demand and supply.

Chrsitian Winzeler, Microsoft Food and Beverage Leader, RSM“Attending this event is valuable for suppliers as it helps them understand the value of historical data and what data should be captured in the future to enable quick and data-driven decision-making, a critical success factor going forward,” he says.

As more companies adopt connected devices and technologies, having a robust data strategy becomes crucial, along with advanced analytics techniques and tools such as ChatGPT. By transitioning to a data-driven decision model, management gains forward-looking and predictive insights into their business, enabling suppliers to optimize processes, enhance decision-making, and strengthen risk assessment procedures.

To demonstrate to produce companies how they can store and leverage this valuable data, RSM is hosting a live webcast on July 19 featuring a panel of experts

Christian adds that as we progress, common data models will evolve, enabling a level of insight and automation that will be a game changer for suppliers embracing this change. Additionally, for those seeking to leverage the latest AI trends, establishing effective data models will be essential.

A robust data model will help organizations ensure continuous business growth, boost performance, and maintain a competitive edge. Luckily, RSM is here to help with its broad expertise that can help suppliers capture (external/internal), store, process, and analyze their data.

In the upcoming webcast, the panel will discuss:

  • Real-time data feeds through connecting technologies
  • Making decisions based on accurate, real-time data from various sources
  • Transforming reactive decision-making into proactive strategies through predictive and cognitive data analysis

To register for this event, click here.

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