Sakata Seed Watermelon

Salinas, CA

Welcome to Behind the Greens! On this episode we join Gattis Guffey, Product Manager for Melon and Watermelon, Sakata Seed America, to gain insight into the company's watermelon operations. Mr. Guffey's role as Product Manager for Melon and Watermelon is to work closely with breeders like Nihat Guner, Watermelon Breeder, to bring new lines and new varieties along that will benefit the growers, retailers and consumers.
Sakata's Watermelon program reaches worldwide; breeding products for the Middle East, Europe, NAFTA, and South America in all segments. Sakata now has varieties that are extremely early with a very good firmness that fit all grower needs. With Bold Ruler the company has earliness and cold setting abilities. The benefit is that you get to the market sooner when prices are high and you have high yield and great flesh color.
The company also has its Affirmed from Sakata. The benefits for the grower are a little larger fruit than the Bold Ruler and a little later maturing but a very heavy yield and an extremely strong plant. Sakata also offers its Citation, a true 60 count watermelon. It presents a nice dark rind pattern and eye appeal. Even though it is a 60 count, it has the yields of a 45 count benefiting both retailer and consumer.
The company invites you to attend its trials held in August in California and in May, November and December in Florida.

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