Shuman Farms' John Shuman Discusses Peruvian Sweet and Organic Onion Season

Shuman Farms' John Shuman Discusses Peruvian Sweet and Organic Onion Season

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REIDSVILLE, GA - Around this time of year, the food wires become congested with recipe suggestions that introduce new takes on old favorites and acquaint consumers with what very well could be their family’s new tradition. No matter the recipe—whether it's a holiday classic or a new innovation—all winter holiday dishes are sure to have one thing in common: an onion variety or two featured front and center. Knowing this fact better than anyone, Shuman Farms is heading into a prime onion season with a sweet variety for retailers and consumers to enjoy.

John Shuman, President and CEO, Shuman Farms“During the 2018-19 Peruvian sweet onion season, Shuman Farms led the industry by importing nearly 1,100 containers of Peruvian sweet onions for U.S. distribution. This season, we plan on having similar production,” John Shuman, President and CEO of Shuman Farms, shared with me.

Shuman Farms is currently shipping its RealSweet® brand Peruvian sweet onions, which normally runs during the months of September to March. With supplies on the up and up for Shuman Farms, I asked John how harvest and quality are faring in the great state of Georgia. John confirmed quality, despite the early harvest, has been excellent. This positions retailers well to stock up on not only a hefty supply of Peruvian sweet onions, but a supply rich in quality, too!

Shuman Farms imported nearly 1,100 containers of Peruvian sweet onions throughout the 2018-19 season

On the organic front, Shuman Farms will begin shipping its organic varieties in the next two weeks. This will include the grower’s new reduced-plastic packaging, which made its industry debut in September.

“We are continuing to grow our organics program and expect a good supply this year," John continued.

From conventional to organic, Shuman Farms has retailers and consumers covered this year in more ways than one. I’m talking quality, supply, and sweet, sweet onions.

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