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SnapDragon® Apples and the San Diego Zoo Partner to Bring the “Monster Crunch” to California

SnapDragon® Apples and the San Diego Zoo Partner to Bring the “Monster Crunch” to California

SAN DIEGO, CA - In my early 20s, I loved living near the ocean in the sandy city of San Diego and felt so lucky to call the Golden State my home. One of those most sought-after spots in the city was the San Diego Zoo where you could get lost in another world and be inspired by the nature around you. Crunch Time Apple Growers is also taking up this inspiration as its apple with the Monster Crunch, SnapDragon Apples, and the San Diego Zoo partnered to create a unique experience.

Sara Wells, Marketing Generalist, Crunch Time Apple Growers“There was a ton of traffic and everyone who tried a SnapDragon loved them. Some people noted the spicy-sweetness and incredible crunchiness. Most, if not all, of our consumers who tried the apple became instant fans and asked where they could purchase,” said Sara Wells, Marketing Generalist for Crunch Time Apple Growers.

Sara—who manned the extravaganza and one-of-a-kind pop-up event that shared the apple’s signature ‘crunch’ with California consumers—brought excitement and education to the crowd.

Over 4,000 consumers tasted SnapDragon Apples at the San Diego Zoo event, with positive reactions

This unique event was positioned at the entrance of the zoo and over 4,000 consumers tasted SnapDragon Apples, according to a press release.

Rena Montedoro, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Crunch Time Apple Growers“The opportunity to partner with the San Diego Zoo and reach thousands of apple lovers in California was truly exciting,” Rena Montedoro, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Crunch Time Apple Growers, shared. “These types of events help us show retailers out West that New York apples are delicious and consumers want them."

In addition to the live pop-up event, Crunch Time is also hosting an online sweepstakes, which runs through March 31, 2020, allowing all SnapDragon fans the opportunity to win a fabulous vacation for four to the San Diego Zoo, according to Montedoro. This sweepstakes provides a great opportunity for retailers to tap into the excitement around the variety.

The spicy-sweetness and incredible crunchiness of SnapDragon apples continue to help retailers drive sales

The winner will receive four tickets to the ‘Animals in Action’ tour, with tickets provided by the San Diego Zoo. On top of that already coveted prize, Crunch Time will provide hotel expenses for the winners along with a delicious box of SnapDragon apples, SnapDragon apparel, and up to $1,000 in airfare.

“This family-oriented, high-traffic West Coast destination allowed us to sample one of New York’s hottest apples. It just shows retailers SnapDragon can compete with any other managed variety apple out there—and win over consumers,” noted Wells.

Where there are apples there are opportunities—whether at retail or the San Diego Zoo!

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