Stemilt Growers' Kyle Mathison and Jewel Osco's Scott Bennett Discuss A Half Mile Closer to the Moon™ Cherries

WENATCHEE, WA - The care that goes into produce is seen in nearly every aspect of our business and is highlighted especially in Stemilt’s cherry growers. Kyle Mathison shared with us how Stemilt’s A Half Mile Closer to the Moon™ cherries became as delicious as they are.

Kyle Mathison, 4th Generation Cherry Grower, Stemilt Growers“We’re a half-mile closer to the moon—at 2,600 foot elevation up in the hills of Washington State,” Kyle shares. “Here the nights are cold and the days are warm, and we’ve just had a full moon last night. The lunar gravitational pull is pulling aromatics, the flavors, the sugars, the firmness, up from the roots and into the tree.”

Kyle’s love of cherries is imminent, as he checks the dark-red gems for quality and taste. Joining him on this quality-checking adventure is Jewel Osco’s Scott Bennett, who shares with us just how tasty these fruits really are.

Scott Bennett, Sales Manager, Jewel Osco“They’re full of sugar, big and plump, almost like a two-biter cherry,” he exclaims. "They’re beautiful, quality cherries: high sugar and the best cherries of the season right now."

With cherries that gorgeous, who wouldn’t want to see them on retailers’ shelves? Both Scott and Kyle assure us that these cherries are getting ready to hit the market.

“I can’t wait to get these into stores,” Scott says. “Customers are going to go crazy over these!”

Stemilt Growers' A Half-Mile Closer to the Moon™ Washington sweet cherries are grown a half-mile higher than sea level

Indeed they are, because I simply can’t wait to get my hands on cherries that can boast they’ve been a half-mile closer to the moon.

For more, check out the video above.


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