Sun Pacific's Bob DiPiazza and Victoria Nuevo-Celeste Discuss Vintage Sweets® and Cuties® Retailer Opportunities

Sun Pacific's Bob DiPiazza and Victoria Nuevo-Celeste Discuss Vintage Sweets® and Cuties® Retailer Opportunities

HOLLYWOOD, FL – With the vision of continuing to innovate within the citrus category, Sun Pacific is showcasing two flavorful items in the weeks leading up to PMA Fresh Summit that are sure to drive sales across produce departments.  

Synonymous with flavor, fun, and convenience, Sun Pacific’s Cuties® brand mandarins are debuting a fresh look this year as the California season returns. Victoria Nuevo-Celeste, Vice President of Marketing, joined me to dish on the latest in Cuties opportunities and discuss what other items retailers can tap into during 2016 and 2017.

Victoria Nuevo-Celeste, Vice President of Marketing, Sun Pacific

“We are always looking at new ways to keep our Cuties brand at the forefront of the citrus category and the fresh produce department. This year we are debuting an updated iconic Lil’ Zipper Cuties character, as well as enhanced packaging and in-store merchandising designs,” she tells me. “We will also support the season with an extensive marketing program that will focus heavily on digital channels where millennial moms and kids can stay up to date."

Cuties® In Store Display

Made up of several delicious Mandarin varieties, including Clementines, W. Murcotts, and Tangos, the Cuties brand research has revealed to Sun Pacific that Cuties is also one of the preferred mandarin brands of millennials. Victoria added that, in addition to being more than 80 million strong, one in four millennials are parents. This stat also includes 90 percent of new moms.

The popular McDonald’s and Cuties partnership will also continue for the third year in a row. This partnership will once again offer Cuties in Happy Meals and as an à la carte option, along with a new multi-channel marketing campaign, including television spots, to generate excitement.

“In addition, we are expanding Cuties production as the mandarin category continues to grow,” Victoria says. “It is an exciting time as new plantings come into production and our partnerships with growers that meet the strict quality specifications for Cuties allow us to meet consumer and retailer demand.”

Vintage Sweets® Box

Also generating a buzz in produce departments is Sun Pacific’s Vintage Sweets® program. As the company looks to invigorate the navel category, Sun Pacific is offering its second season of Vintage Sweets Heirloom Navel Oranges which have proven their success with both retailers and consumers in thousands of stores across the country.

Bob DiPiazza, President, Sun Pacific

“Consumers are willing to pay a premium price for produce that provides superior quality and flavor. That is exactly what Vintage Sweets provide,” said President Bob DiPiazza.

Vintage Sweets are available in bulk, 3-pound bags, as well as 6-count shrink-wrapped trays. With the brand’s vibrant black and orange vintage look and eye-catching packaging, Sun Pacific is presenting consumers with the expectation of a premium eating experience that will not disappoint.

Harvested in Sun Pacific’s best old-line groves, Vintage Sweets are selected through sensory aspects like touching, feeling, smelling and tasting the fruit. To assure their flavor-forward eatability, Sun Pacific tests sugar levels to ensure juicy, sweet perfection.

But don’t just take my word for it. Stop by booth 417 at the PMA Fresh Summit in Orlando, Florida, next month and check them out for yourselves!  

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