Sun World Announces Appointment of Sun Pacific and Jakov Dulcich & Sons as California Licensees

Sun World Announces Appointment of Sun Pacific and Jakov Dulcich & Sons as California Licensees

BAKERSFIELD, CA - The list of Sun World marketer licensees continues to grow, this time with the company welcoming California licensed grower-marketers: Jakov Dulcich & Sons (Sunlight International Sales) and Sun Pacific.

The grower has introduced grapes sold under such recognizable proprietary brands as SUPERIOR SEEDLESS®, MIDNIGHT BEAUTY®, SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS®, SABLE SEEDLESS®, SONERA SEEDLESS®, AUTUMNCRISP®, and ADORA SEEDLESS®—all of which Sun Pacific and Jakov Dulcich will now be able to grow and market to meet the growing global demand.

David Marguleas, Executive VP President, Sun World“Our proprietary grapes are grown and distributed by some of the world’s finest producers and marketers in most major grape growing regions of the world,” explained Sun World’s Executive Vice President, David Marguleas. “The addition of Sun Pacific and Jakov Dulcich, two longstanding and prominent California grower-shippers, along with our own expanding California production, ensures that consumers will enjoy even more distinctive proprietary seedless grapes throughout the year.”

Sunlight and Sun Pacific join 58 other marketer licensees.

Beginning in 1969 with 72 acres of citrus, Sun Pacific today grows, packs and ships over 35 million cartons of fresh fruit, according to a press release. Sun Pacific is a major grower of kiwi, navels, tomatoes, table grapes, and the exclusive provider of Cuties®. 


Since Jakov Dulcich and wife Antoinette first settled in Delano, CA, in 1959 from Croatia, the Dulcich family has been involved in table grape production. Now, brothers Nick and Peter Dulcich grow, pack, and ship grapes sold under the Pretty Lady brand by Sunlight International Sales. 

Both newly added companies have already begun planting what Sun World calls its “most important grape varieties” with their initial commercial volumes available beginning next year. 

The company added that customers can source these varieties from Sun World in 2016 and most of the varieties will be available from Sun World, Sunlight International and Sun Pacific starting with the 2017 season. Product will be offered under the Sun World brand, or under the Pretty Lady brand and the Sun Pacific brand with a co-branded product seal identifying the Sun World variety.

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