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SunFed® Expands to Introduce Avocados, Onions, and Persian Limes

RIO RICO, AZ - At SunFed, our passion is providing the highest quality fruits and vegetables, produced by the world’s finest growers. And this season, we’re expanding our Perfect Produce line—bringing onions, avocados, and Persian limes to our customers throughout the country.

Need onions now? Our growers in central Mexico and Texas are working to ensure extended seasonality—with white and yellow onions growing February through June—and red and sweet onions March through June.

SunFed's expanded product line gives you even more reason to make them your one-stop shop

Want to take advantage of the always hot avocado category? SunFed now offers year-round supply of everyone’s favorite chartreuse fruit.

And with Persian limes rounding out our assortment of new offerings, SunFed has even more to recommend us as a one-stop shop.

For onions, avocados, and Persian limes, our partners can now look to SunFed for the same high quality, extended freshness, and consistent flavor, texture, and color consumers have come to expect from our Perfect Produce.


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When we put “Perfect Produce” on our boxes 20 years ago we knew it would not be easy, but perfection never is. Perfection...