SunFed Offers a Look at its Expanding Eggplant Program

SunFed Offers a Look at its Expanding Eggplant Program

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Devoted to quality, consistency and an ever-evolving Perfect Produce program, Nogales, Arizona-based SunFed is at the top of its game with fruit and vegetables produced by some of the world’s finest growers. With the increasing demand for more flavorful and nutritious cuisine, SunFed is ramping up its eggplant program in the fertile soil of the Culiacán region of Northwestern Mexico. The versatile vegetable is triple washed and packed in state-of-the-art facilities in order to bring a consistently dependable and superior product to market. Like all of SunFed’s produce offerings, Perfect Eggplants are grown in both a sustainable and responsible way, ensuring that not only the product is cared for, but the people as well.

To ensure food safety standards are not only met but exceeded, the company has established its own internal food safety standards and audits, administered by SunFed's food safety specialists while PrimusLabs conducts field testing utilizing Multi-Residue Screening.

And food safety isn’t the only topic that is top-of-mind for SunFed. In addition to having pioneered innovative packaging for eggplant under the Perfect Produce brand, SunFed has pursued advancements in extending shelf life, with modified atmosphere/modified humidity packaging. 

For the consumer that buys first with their eyes, this eye-catching, original campaign will bring both differentiation and quality to produce departments.

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