Sunkist Showcases Bright Citrus Varities at Upcoming CPMA Trade Show

Sunkist Showcases Bright Citrus Varities at Upcoming CPMA Trade Show

VALENCIA, CA – The annual CPMA convention approaches soon from April 12-14, and Sunkist said that it has quite the showcase planned to highlight its seasonal citrus at the trade show next week.

Joan Wickham, Director of Communications, Sunkist Growers

“With so many delicious, nutrient-rich citrus varieties in season now, we are excited to share the season’s best with our trade customers at this year’s CPMA show in Calgary,” said Sunkist’s Director of Communications, Joan Wickham, in a press release. 

Visitors to booth 425, will be able to sample the following Sunkist in-season citrus varieties: 

  • Cara Cara Navel oranges (available through May)
  • Gold Nugget variety mandarins
  • Navel oranges
  • Ojai Pixie tangerines
  • Sunkist Smiles® mandarins
  • Meyer lemons 

Julie DeWolf, Director of Retail Marketing, Sunkist

“Convenience, flavor and nutrition continue to drive the easy-peel category’s popularity at retail,” said Sunkist Director of Retail Marketing, Julie DeWolf. “Sunkist offers highly customizable point-of-sale materials to help retailers share benefits and usage ideas for citrus, and these are particularly helpful in driving sales of specialty varieties like Gold Nugget variety mandarins and Ojai Pixie tangerines."

Chef Jill Davie

CPMA attendees will also be treated to a wide selection of dishes created by Sunkist Chef Jill Davie, said the company, highlighting the varied flavors of Sunkist’s current citrus.

“As the weather gets warmer, consumers are looking for healthy foods to celebrate spring and freshen up their routine," continued Wickham. "Retailers can capitalize on this demand by promoting the distinct flavors, nutrition profiles and versatility of springtime citrus.”

Dishes curated and on display by the Sunkist chef are as follows:

  • Orange Chicken with Noodles and Peanut Sauce, using Navel oranges
  • Basil Shrimp Cakes with a Sunkist Meyer Lemonaise Sauce and Cucumber Slaw
  • Meyer Lemon cocktail with bourbon

Sunkist said that beverages being served at its booth are a juice made from California Star Ruby grapefruit, and the well-recognized iced drink, Meyer Lemon Snow Drop. 

In addition to the samples and culinary creations, Sunkist said that it will have a variety of fresh point-of sale materials and merchandising ideas, for both consumers and buyers.

“Consumers are constantly seeking information in the produce department, and the uniqueness and relative newness of these varieties should be communicated to drive purchase intent,” finished DeWolf.

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