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Sunripe Certified Brands Receives Recognition for Social Responsibility Practices

Sunripe Certified Brands Receives Recognition for Social Responsibility Practices

PALMETTO, FL – Sunripe Certified Brands is the latest company to receive certification by Eleven Rivers Growers for social responsibility and safe growing practices.

One of only three companies to receive the certification, Sunripe Certified Brands says that it chose Eleven Rivers over other desirable certifications due to the level of commitment required to maintain credential standards.

“We felt like Eleven Rivers Growers was the best certification because it was the only program that had consistent audits to ensure that companies maintain compliance with a rigorous set of expectations,” said CEO Jon Esformes in a press release.

Sunripe, also known as Vitanova Fresh Produce in Mexico, completed an initial entry audit for certification, and must now complete weekly audits to ensure high quality standards for safe practices and sustainable products.

“Anyone can study for a final exam, but we appreciate that Eleven Rivers Growers tests us weekly to validate our high standards of quality expectations on an ongoing basis,” continued Esformes.

Sunripe expects the long-term effects of the Eleven Rivers certification to measure the traceability of its products, and support the health and safety of its employees.

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