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Sunview Marketing International's Marko Zaninovich Gives us an Exclusive Look at Stella Bella Seedless Grapes

DELANO, CA - Marko Zaninovich of Sunview Vineyards joined AndNowUKnow to give us a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s exclusive Stella Bella Seedless Grapes.

This Sunview variety is part of the company’s unique breeding program. Featuring a bright green color, large berries, and crunchy texture, Zaninovich emphasized the unique flavor of the Stella Bella grape, highlighting its sugars and 18-21 brix level.

Stella Bella

“This variety is exclusive to our table grape green seedless program we’re shipping around the world,” said Zaninovich. “The flavor is what’s really unique about it. We hope you really enjoy it. It’s got a great flavor.”

The family-run farm prioritizes quality above all and combines consistent quality with the volume required to meet the needs of buyers, both large and small.

Stella Bella

Sales of Sunview grapes begin near the end of June and continue through mid-January.

The company offers a broad variety of conventional and organic grapes, including Autumn King, Autumn Royal, Black Seedless, Crimson, Flame, Gem®, Great Green Krissy, Princess, Red Globe, Rosa®, Scarlet Royal, Stella Bella®, Sugraone, Summer Royal, Thompson, Timco, and Timpson.

Stella Bella

For more on Sunview’s Stella Bella grapes, check out our interview with Marko Zaninovich above.

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