Thomas Fresh Expands Massive Rebranding to New Potato Packaging

Thomas Fresh Expands Massive Rebranding to New Potato Packaging

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CALGARY, AB - Thomas Fresh has been working to refresh its identity in the eyes of produce consumers with the upcoming launch of new packaging. Following its rebrand unveiled in April earlier this year at CPMA, the packaging will add to the new image Thomas Fresh is hoping to portray.

Erin Power, Director of Marketing, Thomas Fresh

“In addition to rethinking the look and feel of our packaging, we really went to work determining what the grocery consumer is looking for in terms of potato pack sizes and varieties. We’re emphasizing smaller pack sizes - like 1.5lb and 3lb bags - in addition to the traditional 5lb and 10lb bags,“ says Erin Power, Director of Marketing for Thomas Fresh, according to a press release.

With potatoes being the major player in its distribution line up, potatoes are the first item to undergo the redesign. The new bags will use the existing pillow top packaging technology. Welded poly bags with large printed area on top to preserve potato quality, paired with an unprinted back window so consumers can see the contents, will start hitting stores as early as autumn. The lay-flat, rectangular shape will allow for easy merchandising by the produce managers.

Roy Hinchey, CEO, Thomas Fresh

According to CEO Roy Hinchey, one of the big wins in this initiative is the chance to bring Canadian white potatoes into the foreground. “We have a lot of grower partners across the country working hard to deliver quality whites to our warehouse, and we felt it was not only an opportunity, but in some ways a duty to bring these forward to the stores in a meaningful way that will attract consumers.”

“We’re also offering a great variety of organic and conventional product, in all colours. There’s a lot of real estate in the potato aisle of the produce department, and we felt we had a chance to offer a more consumer-focused selection,” adds Hinchey.

The packaging redesign project has opened up many opportunities for Thomas Fresh to consider offering new products and pack sizes. Also arriving in stores soon will be a 6-pack mini organic cucumber; a 2-count mesh-bagged organic avocado; and a range of convenience-packed Asian produce including bok choy, long beans, lemongrass, and more. 

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