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Tom M. Nunes Discusses Growth of Fourth Generation Family Farm The Nunes Company

YERINGTON, NV - In just over 12 years, The Nunes Company has taken its 32 acre start to over 4,000 acres of organic, fresh vegetables and leafy greens.

Tom Nunes (T5), fourth generation farmer and company President, walks us through the journey to growing in Yerington, NV, and beyond.

Tom M. Nunes (T5), President, The Nunes Company“It all incubated in 2008 with Mark Crossgrove, our Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, striking up a meeting with David Peri,” T5 says, explaining the two envisioned the growth and expansion that fresh vegetables could have in this climate. “What makes Yerington, NV, unique is land, infrastructure, an ideal climate, the fertile soil, and tremendous expertise in the cultural and farming side. It allows us to produce premium organic vegetables during the summer months.”

At The Nunes Company, what is important above all else is its customers, employees, and the families that use its products

The Nunes Company takes great care in the packing of each and every products. T5 explains that the equipment used allows the team to have great efficiency and help its workforce perform at the highest level, both in quality and production.

“The beauty of the relationship between the Perry family and the Nunes family is likemindedness. We’re both stewards of the land. We take great pride in the environment. We take great pride in what we do. We’re proud of the people that work for us and the crops we produce,” T5 shares.

In just over 12 years, The Nunes Company has developed its 32 acres of organic, fresh vegetables and leafy greens to over 4,000 acres

To learn all about the Nevada move from June to October, all the varieties the Nunes Company covers, constant growth and expansion, and what it all comes down to, watch the brief, high-graphic video above.

The Nunes Company

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