Tractor Trailer Spills 10 Tons of Potatoes onto Roadside and Driveway

Tractor Trailer Spills 10 Tons of Potatoes onto Roadside and Driveway

LINCOLNSHIRE, ENGLAND – Residents of Eastern England’s Lincolnshire County received an unexpected produce delivery when a trailer overturned on the A52—an important route running through the East Midlands—spilling roughly 10 tons of potatoes onto the side of the road—and into one resident’s driveway.

“The trailer came off the tractor on the bend and deposited around 10 tons of potatoes in the drive of the bungalow,” said Eddie Hewitt, a local from nearby port town Wainfleet who first came across the incident, according to local news source Lincolnshire Live. "He's done a neat job as he has parked the trailer in the guy's driveway and not blocked the road...The homeowner is having chips for tea."

Photo credit: Lincolnshire Live

Hewitt reportedly spoke with the truck’s driver, as well, who was unharmed.

"The driver said [my grandsons] could have some potatoes, so they were happy,” added Hewitt.

The incident occurred on a stretch of the A52 between Boston and Skegness just before 3:00 p.m. when a truck rounding a bend on the road became uncoupled from its trailer and the container tipped into the roadside. No injuries were reported and traffic was largely unaffected as the trucks cargo was largely confined to the roadside and a single driveway.

Could two tons of spuds be headed to a driveway near you? AndNowUKnow will keep you up-to-date, Home Fry.


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