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U.S. Growers Visit U.K. Kalettes Fields for Tips on Best Crop Quality

U.S. Growers Visit U.K. Kalettes Fields for Tips on Best Crop Quality

SANTA MARIA, CA - Tozer Seeds led U.S. growers on a week-long tour of the Kalettes® fields in the U.K. to share the know-how on growing this hybrid of what the company calls the best of both Brussels sprouts and Kale.

Kraig Kuykendall, Sales Manager, Tover Seeds America“The tour was a great success and allowed all of us to come together and share our knowledge of growing Kalettes®,” Kraig Kuykendall, Sales Manager of Tozer Seeds America, said in a press release. “Our goal is to ensure we’re all producing the best Kalettes® for consumers.”

The breeding company behind Kalettes® and organizer of this expedition, Tozer Seeds is the largest family-owned vegetable breeder in the U.K. The company researched Flower Sprouts (the U.K. name for Kalettes®) for over a decade, and was sure to include the first grower of this little hybrid, and one of the largest kale growers across the pond, Staples. Growers were able to see both Staples’ field and packing house.

Tour discussions and sharing included the planting, growing, and harvesting of Kalettes®.

According to the press relese, Kalettes® seeds will be sold exclusively by Johnny’s Selected Seeds to small farmers and home growers. For the sake of a consistent and recognizable brand name and identity for consumers, Tozer Seeds has exclusive marketing agreements to grow and market Kalettes® with select companies including 4Earth Farms, Classic Salads, Mann Packing, Ocean Mist Farms, Southern Specialties and WP Rawl.



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