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Veg-Fresh Farms Installs Mega Generator to Ensure Company Promise Always Delivered

Veg-Fresh Farms Installs Mega Generator to Ensure Company Promise Always Delivered

CORONA, CA - Veg-Fresh Farms has always made a promise to its consumers to provide "nothing less than fresh." In order to keep that promise, the company decided to install a mega generator for a comprehensive plan to address emergency planning and business stability in the event of a disaster.

Mark Widder, Partner, Veg-Fresh Farms"Our first and foremost concern is for the safety of our people in and around our building," explained Mark Widder, Partner at Veg-Fresh Farms. "We have a thorough emergency plan for the office and warehouse, in which we practice on a regular basis, we want to be well-trained in the event of an emergency, and have safety roles and procedures defined."

Packing Line

Over the past six months, Veg-Fresh Farms took a detailed look at its operations to ensure the company and its business was well prepared in the event of disaster. The installment of the generator will not only aid in emergency safety, but uninterrupted freshness as well.

"We needed stronger measures to protect the integrity of our cold chain and preserve our business continuity. Therefore, we installed on-site a Caterpillar 3512C diesel generator," said Widder. "The generator will ensure all areas of our facility will not lose temperature, and we will continue to protect the inventory with the proper storage requirements. The 3512 C generator will give us uninterrupted freshness and allow us to continue to serve our customers with no downtime to our operations.”

Uninterrupted Freshness

The 1800 rpm/480 volt generator will supply full power within 30 seconds of an unexpected electrical disruption to not only supply refrigeration to the warehouse, but also to the IT network to support communications, finance, procurement, shipping, and order entry.

The company’s investment into housing a mega generator on its premises will allow for Veg-Fresh Farms to maintain continuity in all facets of its operations for a consistent and reliable source of produce for its customers.

Veg Fresh

As Veg-Fresh Farms continues to add on its 27-year-old promise and tagline to remain "Nothing Less Than Fresh," stay with AndNowUKnow while the company continues to explore new opportunities to expand and maintain its commitments.

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