Veg-Fresh Farms Unveils New Logo as Part of Company Expansion

Veg-Fresh Farms Unveils New Logo as Part of Company Expansion

CORONA, CA – Veg-Fresh Farms announced today that it is launching a rebranding campaign, featuring a new redesigned logo and brand identity. The company will begin rolling out the new branding across its platforms, products, and social media next week. 

Randy Cancelleri, Partner, Veg-Fresh Farms“We're introducing the produce industry to the next evolution of Veg-Fresh Farms,” said Veg-Fresh Partner, Randy Cancelleri, in a news release. "We have always invested in our customers, embraced risk, and made a commitment to deliver nothing less than fresh, and we want our entire identity to reflect that."

Kate Reeb, Marketing Director, Veg-Fresh FarmsThe new logo is text-only, with a use of more current fonts that are lower case and curved. Marketing Director, Kate Reeb, said that it’s utilizing a more updated look to reflect the brand’s own update. The logo also features two shades of red to represent Veg-Fresh’s tomato heritage.

Mark Widder, Partner, Veg-Fresh“Veg-Fresh Farms is no longer just a ‘Tomato Company’, and with our expansion into more categories and services, we needed a revamping of our brand to reflect the new capabilities that are redefining our company,” continued Mark Widder, Veg-Fresh Partner.

Veg-Fresh Farms moved into its new Corona facility in 2014 to expand production capabilities, and add new packaging lines. The company said that it’s also jumpstarted new programs, and expanded consolidation and cross-dock services. This change inspired the new Veg-Fresh look.


“Since our move in 2014 to our Corona facility, we have much more to offer our customers,” finished Widder. 

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