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Veggies From Mexico Joins GLOBALG.A.P.'s National Technical Working Groups

Veggies From Mexico Joins GLOBALG.A.P.'s National Technical Working Groups

SINALOA, MEXICO & PORTLAND, OR - Veggies From Mexico is continuing to uphold standards in the industry with its latest GLOBALG.A.P. partnership. The collective officially joined GLOBALG.A.P.’s National Technical Working Groups (NTWGs), which are established in several countries.

GLOBALG.A.P’s mantra, “Think globally, act locally,” is one of the reasons why its members have established NTWGs around the world. It has been widely adopted by 22 such groups around the world, and Mexico is one of their representatives.

On December 9, 2022, Veggies From Mexico officially joined the NTWG of Mexico and will actively participate in the decisions taken to evaluate and improve the criteria for the application of the standard. With this, the agricultural companies who belong to the Veggies From Mexico community will have first-hand information and remain at the forefront of change.

Veggies From Mexico officially joined GLOBALG.A.P.’s National Technical Working Groups, which have been established in several countries

These working groups identify those criteria that according to each country or region can be implemented and evaluated in a different or specific way and develop National Interpretation Guidelines, noted the release. These guidelines guide certification bodies and growers on how best to implement the GLOBALG.A.P. Checkpoints and Compliance Criteria at the national level.

The NTWG is integrated by representatives of certifiers, distributors, agricultural companies, and other interested institutions, most of them allies of Veggies From Mexico. Some of the institutions represented are Aneberries, NSF, ANCE, Control Union, and Normex, among others.

ANUK will continue to report on the partnerships and updates on industry releases, so don’t go anywhere.

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