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West Pak Avocado Releases a New Video as Part of Its Avo Effect Campaign

West Pak Avocado Releases a New Video as Part of Its Avo Effect Campaign

MURRIETA, CA - California-based grower, packer, and distributor of premium avocados, West Pak Avocado, just released a new campaign video. The fifth episode for the company’s ongoing 2020 series, Avocados - A Ripe Responsibility covers the ethical weight of the avocado beyond its societal success within the health industry, pop culture, or “foodie” trends.

Mario Pacheco, Chief Executive Officer, West Pak Avocado“In our continued effort to provide a steady flow of fresh, quality avocados to tables across the globe, we at West Pak Avocado have made some changes to ensure that we are building a safe and efficient future,” said CEO Mario Pacheco. “We’ve taken extraordinary measures to not only enhance our workflow and strengthen our infrastructure, but also to dramatically improve safety measures.”

According to the press release, the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic caused essential industries to shift to accommodate a “new normal,” making the world’s food supply more demanding than ever.

For West Pak, Avocados - A Ripe Responsibility highlights the ways the global organization is taking both ethical and moral responsibilities to ensure the avocado reaches people’s plates every day.

Trevor Newhouse, Vice President of Operations, West Pak Avocado“At the heart of our operations department is always efficacy and employee safety,” commented Vice President of Operations Trevor Newhouse. “Continuous improvement and increase of sustainability—this is also a core strategic area we focus on when enhancing anything and everything we do. We are well-positioned not only to support our customers’ growth in the years ahead but also to ensure that our West Pak family is always safe.”

With careful monitoring throughout the company’s entire establishment from sourcing and production, to distribution, health and food safety are top of mind to ensure the avocado upholds its “ripe” responsibility for the world it reaches.

“On behalf of our employees and board of directors, we’re proud to be building a better future for this generation and beyond,” Pacheco added.

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