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World's Hottest Peppers Mailed to Your Door With New Subscription Service

World's Hottest Peppers Mailed to Your Door With New Subscription Service

KUTZTOWN, PA - Love to feel the burn when you bite into your produce? So does ANUK: that’s why when we saw this new straight-to-your-door hot pepper subscription service, we couldn’t help our mouths from getting a little bit watery. Launched by Robyn Jasko of Homesweet Homegrown organic hot sauce fame, the subscription service offers three monthly shipments in each harvest month from September to November, each featuring six unique and rare chili peppers, and some even topping the ranks as the hottest varieties in the world.

Robyn Jasko, Co-Founder and CEO, Homesweet Homegrown

“In 2013, we became the highest funded hot sauce on Kickstarter because of our farm-to-bottle mission,” wrote Jasko in her post on the service’s Kickstarter phase. “Since then, we've grown more then 50,000 pepper plants on our 3 acre field, shipping peppers to chefs, customers and hot sauce makers all over the country. We are dedicated to sustainable farming, and never apply pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals to our peppers.”

Homesweet Homegrown subscription box

According to the post, housed on Kickstarter, alongside the peppers, each box also includes a detailed history and overview of each variety, including the Scoville Scale, flavor profiles, pairing info, and more. A personal letter from Jasko’s company with details about the growing season, along with storage instructions for freezing, dehydrating, and pickling your peppers will also be included in the box, so you can enjoy them all year long. Have any amateur pepper growers on your friends list? Jasko also offers tips for saving seeds from your peppers so you can grow your own at home.

Homesweet Homegrown peppers

But as high in demand as a hot pepper subscription service such as this one seems to be, Jasko is only offering this first iteration as part of Kickstarter's Make 100 initiative, meaning there will be only 100 subscriptions to go around and 100 single-order individual sampler boxes. With all the attention the campaign has been getting from the likes of Food & Wine, Martha Stewart, and more, we can only hope Jasko comes back in full force next season.

Homesweet Homegrown