WP Rawl Releases New Consumer-Geared Video Series

WP Rawl Releases New Consumer-Geared Video Series

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PELION, SC - WP Rawl is helping families find healthy solutions with five simple and entertaining quick-fix kitchen videos showcasing the "lighter side of greens" with easy solutions to common hurdles consumers face in the kitchen.

Ashley Rawl, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Development, WP Rawl“As we developed this year’s campaign, we began talking about small things we do without thinking that make our time in the kitchen just a little easier, whether while prepping, cooking or storing,” said Ashley Rawl, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Development, in the press release. “Part of our commitment as leader in the category is to make the consumer’s cooking experience better.  We hope these videos will bring those ‘ah ha’ moments to them, along with a smile or a chuckle while we are at it.”

Developed in the company’s test kitchen, videos like ‘Eat This, Not That’, as seen below, will provide both education and fun for consumers to entice those produce purchases.

“We think our ‘Eat this, Not That’ video will particularly resonate with consumers. Our goal was to be entertaining and yet share a great message too. One video poked fun at a guy making some eating choices that might not be the healthiest, and of course a girl comes in and tells him what to do,” said Christine Jackson, Executive Assistant, Marketing and Product Development in the press release. “We want to show that eating greens and getting back to fresh can be fun.”

The five video topics include:

  • Hack Your Greens Smoothie
  • Eat This, Not That
  • Massaging Kale
  • Getting Back to Fresh
  • Making Your Greens Last Longer

Visit the WP Rawl’s YouTube Channel or www.rawl.net to check out all of the Back to Fresh: Make Your Plate Green in 2016 videos.

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