Allen Lund Company's Sandy Rongstad and Pam Stumbaugh Talk Expansion and Hiring Plans

Allen Lund Company's Sandy Rongstad and Pam Stumbaugh Talk Expansion and Hiring Plans

LA CAÑADA FLINTRIDGE, CA - I recently covered Allen Lund Company’s (ALC) AlchemyTMS division in our April issue of The Snack, so to say I hold this company close to my heart would be an understatement. ALC brings to the industry partnerships that stand the test of time—from acquiring brokers in order to expand its footprint to prioritizing charity work. With these key partnerships comes exponential growth, as Allen Lund is currently embarking on a recruitment spree.

Recently welcoming back Sandy Rongstad as its Director of Recruiting—who brings with her over 20 years in talent acquisition—Allen Lund Company wants to exemplify not only its current growth spurt, but just how much growth individuals can achieve within the company itself.

Sandy Rongstad, Director of Recruiting, Allen Lund Company“The culture and the values at Allen Lund are top-notch,” Sandy immediately imparts. “When Allen [former President and CEO] started the company, he had a goal to be really good to employees, and that has been a transparent mission that has been kept for 45 years. This is not a place where people feel like a number. You’re not pigeonholed into a position; if you have the motivation and the drive to want to do more, you can do that here.”

The positions available range from accounting to brokers and brokers-in-training, and straight away, Pam Stumbaugh, Director of Human Resources, hopes to address a vital question: Why transportation?

Pam Stumbaugh, Director of Human Resources, Allen Lund Company“I don’t think a lot of kids are going to college with the thought in mind of, ‘I’ll become a transportation broker.’ But the beauty of working with us is that it calls to entrepreneurial spirits. If you’re working in any of our branch offices, you’re going to see what difference you’re making at the company-level, whether you’re a broker-in-training or a Senior Transportation Broker or in Sales. You have the opportunity to build your career in the direction that calls you,” Pam explains.

Although Allen Lund Company is seeing a tremendous amount of growth, it still maintains that small business feel. The one-to-one nature of the business is what makes working there so appealing, especially to younger generations who want to find fulfillment in their jobs.

The current positions available at Allen Lund Company range from accounting to brokers and brokers-in-training

“It’s not a churn-and-burn environment,” Pam says. “It’s not ‘You have to hit these numbers and that’s it.’ It’s the opposite. We find mentors for anyone struggling or asking for additional training. We encourage individuals and give them flexibility to find what roles suit them best.”

Having worked with other talent acquisition companies, Sandy has a unique perspective on what sets Allen Lund Company apart.

“On top of truly caring for its employees and offering great benefits and excellent 401k, Allen Lund Company has a philanthropic edge that I think is very different from other organizations,” she notes. “We’re invested in our communities, and I think that reflects on who we are as a company and what we represent to people seeking new jobs.”

Although Allen Lund Company is seeing a tremendous amount of growth, it still maintains a small business feel

Both Pam and Sandy tell me that the strength of Allen Lund Company’s reputation is known throughout the industry—something I can personally attest to, as well.

This is the type of company where your potential will soar, so I really only have one question left: What are you waiting for?

Click here for the company’s careers page, and keep reading us for the latest.

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