Atlas Produce Expands Sustainable Packaging with Two New Additions

Atlas Produce Expands Sustainable Packaging with Two New Additions

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BAKERSFIELD, CA - We may be in the 11th hour of the year, but Atlas Produce, a California date grower and packer, is far from taking the remainder of this time for rest. The company is adding two more sustainably fueled packages to its portfolio, expanding its capabilities to shape its offerings to any of its retail partners’ needs.

Luke Fountain, Sales, Atlas Produce“We have rolled out a new style of tub offered in 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, and 2 lb options. Made from 100 percent recycled materials and mirroring any of our previous tub offerings, we are really excited about taking strides to be even more sustainable while maintaining the high-quality and vibrant look we are known for,” Luke Fountain, Sales, tells me.

Made with 16 percent less plastic and with 360-degree marketing capability for packing and in-store presentation, this is an easy option to plug in to any in-store layout. And to further enable any retailer to offer a sustainable pack that works with their plan, Atlas is also welcoming a new biodegradable paper clamshell.

“We’re pretty excited about this and the capabilities it can give to even further offer sustainable options, as well as versatility for the shelf,” Luke tells me. “100 percent biodegradable, our new clamshell offers a food-safe paper material and a plastic-like window that allows customers to see the product.”

A new style of tub offered in 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, and 2 lb options made from 100 percent recycled materials is one of two new sustainable packs Atlas Produce has just launched

Note “plastic-like?” Certainly. Luke explains that the material is actually cellulose acetate—traditionally used as a film base in photography and as a frame material for eyeglasses.

“The use of this material, plus water-based inks, allowed us to offer this completely sustainable packaging option that is aligned with the same bright colors associated with our Fresh Energy™ brand. This is really going to jump off the shelf, and we are very excited about growing sales with this new offering,” Luke says.

The last piece of the puzzle is the selling point once the pack has grabbed consumer interest. Luke explains that dates are gaining traction from efforts to educate consumers, and that gravitating toward packaging that continues to do this will ensure ROI for buyers.

In addition to the new tub, Atlas Produce is rolling out a new 100 percent biodegradable paper clamshell, both of which the company is confident will grow date sales

“People know why they eat bananas, why they need grapes, and then they try and love them. Dates are a product many are still trying for the first time. So, the opportunity to market on every side of the box makes us that much more excited to spread the word and engage more consumers in another way to obtain the healthy vitamins so many are looking for right now. They might be tired of the usual and looking to explore something new, and dates, which are very rich in potassium and magnesium, are the perfect answer to that,” Luke shares.

Once in hand, it seems nearly impossible to put these packs back on the shelf. And with the bright, skillful marketing of the Fresh Energy™ brand behind these new products, getting them in hand seems as sure a bet as one can make in the gamble that is fresh produce.

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